national geographic rock tumbler keeps stopping

Dont use a wrench, pliers or any other tool to tighten the nut. Your unit is not functioning as it should be, please contact us directly at help@natgoetoy. Over time, the lids of rotary tumblers will begin to fall apart which is just a normal part of being used over and over again. Rather y. Hello,As with most any rock tumbler, it is not feasible to polish just one rock. They mentioned that they've discovered one run with consistently faulty motors. Style Name: Hobby Kit Change. You should also know that it is common for the motor on rock tumblers to run hot to the touch. The best plac. With three speed settings, youre in full control. The National Geographic Hobby Tumbler has simple operation and a durable design perfect if youre new to tumbling. As long as you own your tumbler, youll have to deal with that. You need to increase the size of the hub on the pulley wheel (no idea if this is the correct jargon) to get it to fit properly on the motor. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Rock Tumbler Grit - Rock Polishing Grit Media, Polish Up to 20 lbs. Check our rock tumbling library. is a participant in theAmazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon (.com,, .ca etc.) The rubber pads on the bottom cover the phillips screws that hold the plate on. Pay attention the rails if you do get a spillage, often the slurry will run along them and get into the bearings along with its grit this is devastating. If you need to polish more rock buy a larger machine. The National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Rock Polishing kit. Every rock tumbler has a rated weight capacity. This rubber construction helps reduce the amount of noise when the tumbler is in operation, making it one of the quietest models and less likely to disturb the rest of your household. A barrel full of rocks is turning, and this is the place at which the resulting friction is most concentrated. This tumbler also comes with a strainer and a bag. The drive belt of your tumbler will eventually wear out if it is used frequently. That's awesome! Weve learned a lot over the last 20 years when it comes to looking after a rock tumbler to help it last longer. But how do you know which one is right for you? Seems an absolute waste to not try and fix it. A rock tumbler is a necessary purchase for anyone who calls themselves a rock collector, whether youre a beginner or a lifelong geology enthusiast. Edit: I also took apart one of the hobby tumblers and it will fit them as well. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Does anyone know how to take apart one of the nat geo hobby rock tumblers? New York, This kit comes with pound of rocks that include nine different kinds, plus four-stage polishing grit and five jewelry fastenings. Try not to get discouraged if you're a beginner! If this is the case, youll need to purchase a new lid. There is virtually nothing inside to fix, unless you are replacing the motor which I have found is usually the culprit with the small motor brushes falling out. All you need is a small Phillips head screw driver. Rock collecting is a hobby that has captivated people of all ages for thousands of years. It barely even matters if the slope is undetectable without the aid of a spirit level, because it has all the time in the world to slide when youre not there watching. Finally, check the breakers in your breaker panel to make sure all of them are delivering power to the outlets. Q: Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Or did they just send one to you? Both barrels feature a leak-proof design, reducing your chances of having a mess to cope with. You get used to the noise but it is noticeably quiet when it gets switched off after a month. Merth1983 1 yr. ago. As photos show, there is stuff coming out of it, not sure whats happening. That isif you properly maintain it. That worked great For me, thank you! Dearest National Geographic. why would you only send 1# of rocks with a two pound tumbl. The nat geo tumbler stinks. Slow speed of tumbler rotation if your model allows it, and if not, slightly increase the viscosity of solution. Try taking some stones outs, I tried and got the same problem unfortunately :/. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Cryptic lost Canaanite language decoded on 'Rosetta Stone'-like tablets, The ultimate action-packed science and technology magazine bursting with exciting information about the universe, Subscribe today and save an extra 5% with checkout code 'LOVE5', Engaging articles, amazing illustrations & exclusive interviews, Issues delivered straight to your door or device. Press J to jump to the feed. Thankfully, they'll all miss. This rock tumbler kit makes it fun and easy to turn rough rocks into beautifully polished gemstones, thanks to its simple operation and durable design. National Geographic Rock Tumbler! When gas pressure builds up in the barrel, water will seep out around the lids edges. . The best bet it to press the sides of the tumblers each time you start to use them or are about to use them. Did you have to send the machine back to get a replacement? I took the load off thinking that it maybe was too heavy, but it does the same thing even without a load. Also, consider how quickly you want the tumbler to work. Will send literally overnight for free. This set includes all the. The motors on a rock tumbler do not like it too cold, or too warm and they certainly cannot be expected to last long in a damp environment which will lead to rust building on the internal components. Like many other tumblers intended for hobbyists, this model features a relatively quiet operation, so theres no need to worry about homework or sleep time being disrupted! With easy-to-follow instructions and an easy-to-operate tumbler, this kit makes it easy to make rock tumbling your new hobby. Said they would be happy to replace it. There have been a lot of problems with the model I got and I just wanted to peak under the hood to see if my rudimentary repair skills could fix it. The barrels rubber may develop small fractures or deform over time due to exposure to heat, cold, or sunlight. GingersMercantile. I guess I'll find out in 5 to 6 weeks. we have many rocks from "mining" gemstones that i would love to polish. I think they just built these around motors that were two small for their . The Leegol Electric Rock Tumbler comes with an abrasive material made from walnut shells that polishes the rocks, instead of sand. She has written articles about products using gemstones for LinkedIn and posts about theimpact of artifacts like gems for her blog, AJ the Irish Lass' Ramblings. What wrong with it? Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Q: https://shop.spreadshir. and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Other than that an excellent product. . Cool Hobby Rock Tumbler Review | 2022, [Review] Thumlers Model B Heavy Duty Rotary Rock Tumbler 2022, [Review] Popular Lortone 3A Rock Tumbler | 2022. They crack because the plastic is worn and a rock will hit in just the right place causing a crack/split to appear. Transform dull, coarse rocks into gorgeous, shining gemstones with these high-quality rock tumblers! BEST IN ITS CLASS. How to use a rock tumbler in one minute or less.#shortsCheck out our store, buy some merchandise and help support us on our journey! This can be a major problem, especially on large load tumblers which are full of water and rocks. Then, replace the lid and place the barrel back onto the tumbler. Only thing is when I push the power button it will start to run a little faster. First, you must consider what types of rocks youll be polishing. All you need to do is set the desired time and the tumbler will run for the amount of time required. I have only had the tumbler going for about 7 days. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Rock Tumbler Mega Refill Kit - 3lbs Gemstones of 9 Varieties Including Tiger's Eye, Amethyst & Quartz - 4 Grades of Grit, Jewelry Fastenings & Detailed Learning Guide Brand: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 1,898 ratings | 11 answered questions -9% $3198 List Price: $34.99 FREE Returns Style: Gemstone Mix Gemstone Mix Madagascar Mix If you slightly flex the barrel rim, you may be able to see the damage. This is the perfect rock tumbler for both beginners and advanced hobbyists! What the difference between this and the starter kit? One of the things that distinguishes this tumbler apart from similar models is the leak-proof, rubber-construction barrel. Bought as a Christmas present for my grandson who is very interested in stones, minerals etc. Some rock tumblers are fairly precise on how they are to be installed on the rollers/motor. (in usa on 110v). To fix this issue, use an extra fine sandpaper to lightly sand the lid edges. This takes .3 Amps, so (watts = amps x volts) OR watts = .3 x 110 which equals33 watts. You want to occasionally open of the lid to the barrel in order to allow the gas to escape. It's only been running for two weeks and now it does the same blinking! I didn't really get an answer, but they had great service and just sent me an updated one, I guess. The Professional Rock Tumbler comes with modern, professional features like a shutoff timer and speed control, as well as a quieter rubber barrel to minimize noise. There are two main differences:The Hobby Rock Tumbler has a rubber tumbling barrel with a. Reviewed in Australia on 2 September 2022. Thats exactly what this article is about. - YouTube Great way to start a rock collection!Learn about the exciting hobby of rock tumbling with National Geographic. However, in addition to just making sure that the cord is plugged into the outlet, be sure to check all connections to any extension cords that you might be using. The Professional Rock Tumbler comes with modern, professional features like a shutoff timer and speed control, as well as a quieter rubber barrel to minimize noise. Doesn't seem to matter how full or light I have the barrel. The one-touch timer makes it easier to get the tumbling started faster so you can get maximum enjoyment, plus theres also an automatic shutoff for maximum convenience. Wanted one of these long as I knew they exsisted. If you want to tumble rocks of different sizes, all you need to do is switch out the density of the abrasive material used. That's what I did and I only hear it when I go in there. Answer: The included booklet features a learning guide perfect for all ages, as well as instructions for set-up and use. With easy-to-follow instructions and an easy-to-operate tumbler, this kit makes it easy to make rock tumbling your new hobby, Whats in the Box: 1 Heavy-Duty Tumbling Machine with Built-In Programmable Timer, 1 Pound (450 G) Capacity Rubber Barrel to Reduce Noise, 1 Bags of Assorted Gems 0.55 lb (250 g), 4 Bags of Polishing Grits 0.7 oz (20g) each, 1 Rock Strainer, 5 Jewelry Settings, Learning Guide and Instructions. I see that the plastic wheels are just getting eaten away by friction. Theres nothing more frustrating than finally deciding to run a few batches of rocks through your trusty old rock tumbler. Taking Good Care of Your Rock Tumbler and Associated Equipment. The tumbler stops after 5 minutes and all lights are flashing on the front. It doe. Lol. in Anthropology & Sociology and English Literature & Criticism. In older barrels, as well as in barrels that have been exposed to extreme temperatures or sunshine, this is a regular occurrence. Once this happens the microscopic particles will set together and form a solid blockage and the only remedy will be to replace the pipework, you will very unlikely be able to remove it. Here is a good guide on how to adjust a rock tumbler belt. Oh nice! Easy Instructions, Lortone 33B Rotary Rock Tumbler Reviews and Buying Guide, The Thumlers MP-1 Tumbling Kit Reviews | 2022, Tru-square Metal Products Heavy Duty Rotary Tumbler Review 2022, MJR Professional Rock Tumbler Reviews 10lb & 20lb, Lortone QT-6 Rock Tumbler Kit Review | 2022, The Thumlers A-R1 Rock Tumbler Review | 2022, National Geographic Hobby vs Professional Rock Tumbler | Reviews 2022, Discover with Dr. Amazon Customer Make sure that your barrel is properly installed and aligned correctly on the rock tumbler. Be careful not to sand the lids edges too much. Like all tumblers, this model uses a process that replicates the ways that gemstones form in nature. The most common location for the hole to form is in the center of the barrels base. how did you contact their customer service? The motors on rock tumblers are designed for prolonged use and generally does not need to be oiled. They sent me a new one immediately and it's been working great. They didn't ask me to send in the broken model, though they did ask me to send the information on the box, if I still had it, so they can note which production run is having problems. The most important place to clean a rotary tumbler barrel is the rim where the lid seats. In the meantime, check out the best rock tumblers available now! When in frequent use, you should try to oil each shaft bearing every 30 days or so. (Image credit: Dan&Darci . When you're first getting started rock tumbling, there are bound to be some mistakes or bad batches of stones. Some of the links on our website are affiliate links. Over time this rubber belt can stretch out and become loose, which ultimately results in a barrel that no longer turns. Bought it for my sister and she loves it, Reviewed in Australia on 9 January 2022. (Find Of a Lifetime! The listing says a lot but not what's important. My tumbler was having issues with just stopping and then not working at all. I took off the old belt and noticed that it had a worn-out flat spot running along one side of it, so I replaced it. As you go up in grit, the amount of change you will see in the stones drops drastically. . Four levels of grit and a pound of stones make an excellent starter batch for all ages and everyone will love seeing the results. I had a different brand do the same, read the reviews with the Nat Geo, common problem. You will notice that they become easy to squeeze as they wear thin at this point it could be time to change rather than risk a spill. (631) $109.99 FREE shipping. Running it near constant for a month has been no issue at all with the exception of the noise. SAVE YOUR GRIT! When tumbling, some materials produce gas. If this happens and the motor sticks, a fire is the worse scenario. We use a toothbrush to scrub the rim of the barrel and the outside edge of the lid. Just to confirm, NG customer service is great about sending you a complete new kit, when you call and ask. of Rocks, Works with any Rock Tumbler, Rock Polisher, Stone Polisher. A shutoff timer helps you conserve power, and the motor is certain to last with regular, reasonable use. Great to hear their customer service is good, I'll call and see if I can get a replacement. I set the days, turn it on, and then it will just stop suddenly with all seven of the lights flashing on and off. I am no expert, (on grit 3 of my 3rd set of stones now) but 2" might be pushing it. NY 10036. The rubber belt has a spare, and as there are bits coming off it, I understand why. I am new to this hobby, but for the price, and if it keeps going.. what do you recommend? Spend 30 seconds on this and you will rarely have a leak. How do I troubleshoot when the tumbler stops and all lights are flashing? This one is built to last and is used by professional rock tumblers around the world. Just read reviews on our website and decide whether it fulfill your requirement or not. Looks like the motor ate itself. Do not ever overload your motor. If you overload it, two problems can occur (at least). I look forward to him receiving it. The machine will keep on turning and the spillage will consist of a rapid dripping through the crack until there is nothing remaining to escape and still it will carry on turning! About Us Shipping Refunds International Mail Orders P.O.s Contact Us Privacy, Debris on sealing surfaces of the barrel or lid. December 2, 2021 0 votes Question: Can this tumbler work with pieces of glass? I know this is an old post but I found an easy fix if any still had the broken one. What's the largest size stones you can tumble in this? In this case chip it off the tumbler and clean the area with a damp cloth. Unsure of the time remaining or speed? But when you plug it it it will simple run indefinitely. Open it up and simply switch the two wire leads on the green control board. Same problem. Have to unplug it to start again. If it ends up at either end of the drive rails, then depending on the angle of the slope, an amount of friction will occur between the edge and the barrel lid. The lid of the tumbler is constantly scraped by grit and roughness as the tumbler spins. Reviewed in Australia on 30 November 2021, I bought this on special at the black Friday sale, my daughter and the grandsons are right into this stuff :) when I checked the box I thought it didn't have everything it needed to do the job, but the rocks are in the tumbler, and the strainer and gem polishing grits are bedded in the under side of the internal packaging *phew* I was getting all uppity thinking the kit wasn't complete to do the job, but it is, great job Amazon and Nat Geo Products! I bought the tumbler for my 7 year old but have had more fun than him. This kit has everything you need including 1/2 pound of rough rocks, 4 bags of polishing grit, a strainer, and 5 jewelry settings. Then make sure that the inner lid is correctly seated on the rim inside the barrel. Another thing which can happen is that the barrel will remain still, but the drive will spin rapidly beneath it and not catch and rotate it. Did anybody who got a replacement for the nat Geo tumbler have to prove purchase? Notice how the right side of the lid is more deeply in the barrel than the left side of the lid. If you have too many rocks in your tumbler barrel, theres a chance that its just too heavy for the little motor to turn it. Compared to other rotary tumblers it's very quiet, which cannot be said for many other tumblers. We are providing honest reviews of different different Rock tumblers, so you dont need to waste your time in searching for best rock tumbler. It's been running for about 2 days now and hasn't stopped fortunately. Just a heads up, the one they sent back to me broke, but it's worth a shot. I got a replacement, but I want to know if I can fix my broken one? A small but powerful motor and roller mechanism is what makes up the rotary rock tumbler. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. The first is the barrel will stall when you are not present because the motor becomes too tired to turn a load for which it is not rated. It started randomly blinking and didn't run for more than 30 minutes. Easy-to-follow rock tumbling instructions. Jewelry enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of jewelry fasteners allowing them to use their gemstones in jewelry creations with minimal fuss. Lets take a look at whats happening with your rock tumbler and figure out how to fix it. A thin rubber belt connects the motor to the drive roller which in turn causes the barrel to spin. Here are a few pointers to help you keep an eye on things as batches progress and new ones begin, this will hopefully keep your machine running longer and therefore providing more enjoyment over time you indulge in the hobby! Answer: Having the exact same problem. Anyone of any age that wants to learn more about rocks and how they form will benefit from using a tumbler. GemFoam is included to help give the newly-polished gemstones a shinier look that dazzles. The Rock Tumbler Starter Kit provides everything you need to get beautiful, shining stones. Keep the outside of the barrel clean by wiping it down with a soapy wet cloth and rinse with clean water. Whether youre a beginner or an experienced rock hound, these kits provide all the tools and materials you need, including an assortment of unpolished stones, tumbling grit, and ways to display your rocks as jewelry to show off their beauty. Lol no problem. thank you. Q: About 15 will max it out and leave room for tumbling. Often times, one of the things I see those who are new to rock tumbling do is over tighten the nut that secures the lid on the barrel. Check the manufacturer of your rock tumbler to find out what yours is. This tumbler has a nine-day timer, allowing users to let it do its thing and polish the stones while they go about everyday life. What pound tumbler is this product? Starter kits are especially interesting because tumbling is so customizable that whenever a kit gives more diverse options, it is usually a great pick. National Geographic Rock Tumbler Keeps Stopping - Wakelet Robert Barnett @RobertBarnett426 Follow 1 item National Geographic Rock Tumbler Keeps Stopping why does my national geographic rock tumbler keep stopping, national geographic rock tumbler not working, national geographic rock tumbler issues, national geographic rock tumbler review Have a question? This generally means a periodic oiling of the plastic bearings on either side of the tumbler. Australian users will require a power adapter for the plug pack hence the 3 stars as you cannot use it straight away unless you happen to have an adapter handy. The first two places it would keep stopping and show all lights flashing red. If youre noticing that the rock tumbler motor is cutting in and out, or will run for a short period of time and then stop, thats usually a sign that the motor is bad. The noise comes from the rocks tumbling, not the machine. We cant stress enough how important this is. Perhaps everything starts out alright, but at some point during the tumbling process, things take a turn for the worse and your rock tumbler stops working. Small rocks up to about a inch. Then I push it again and it slows down. The Rock Tumbler Starter Kit provides everything you need to get beautiful, shining stones. EDIT: I took some photos. This premium tumbler comes with National Geographic's 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty. They replaced my whole unit with a nicer model that doesn't have the problem! . How long does it take to polish 1 rock? This happened to me and NatGeo sent me an UhpGrayDDe (with two D's for a double dose of ex, Q: The first grit stage provides initial shaping, the second smooths rock surfaces, the third pre-polishes rocks, and the fourth provides the final polish. by National Geographic. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Those common issues are: First, take a close look at your rock tumbler and make sure that the inner lid and barrel shoulder or rim are clean and free from debris. The Harbor Freight tumbler is quieter, but it's a slow tumble. Can i buy extra grit without the rocks. It could be said that some manufacturers do not emphasize this enough in order that they can make sales on replacement parts, however all good quality machines should have lubrication instructions and these should definitely be adhered to. If it isnt 100% level, say only 99% then that is better than 80% as there will be less friction on the points of contact. Tiny pieces of grit that are too small to see can cause a leak. Hi silly question but Im having the same problem right now, what number would you recommend calling? Edit: 6/13/22 after 6 months 2/3 replacement motors have burnt out as well. This image shows a lid that is not completely seated in the barrel. is reader-supported. How did you make yours work?? Home Rock Tumbling Library Leaking Rock Tumbler Barrel. I called up Nat Geo support and they were great. The National Geographic Rock Tumbler Supplies pack includes all the rock tumbling accessories you need to dramatically improve your rock polishing results! The lid is actually hard to put on and take off. The tumbler looks good and functions well.. the problem is that it is not designed to work for long enough. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, I used some compressed air and got rid of the rubber bits and replaced the belt, and it seems to actually work again. You simply want to tighten that nut with your fingers (finger tighten). I got ours 2 weeks ago.. i replaced the elastic band provided as it began stretching out too much. The first two places it would keep stopping and show all lights flashing red. A vibrating rock polisher will have your rocks clean within ten days, while a rotary rock tumbler is regarded as the most common type and completes the polishing process within 45 days. Screws on the bottom. Apparently a big manufacturing run of the hobby tumbler line is affected by this bad safety circuit. Nat geo tumbler keeps shutting itself off? Historical records in ancient Egypt and India tell stories of communities using tumbling systems to polish rocks used for jewelry making, decoration, and more each of which remains popular today. A barrel loaded with frozen ice will be unbalanced on the tumbler aswell putting stress on the motor as it has to lift the ice all the way up and over instead of having it slide along the bottom of the barrel as it rotates. How to Make a Rock Tumbler at Home ? When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Use a spirit level to ensure the rock tumbler itself is level from left to right in particular. Four grit packets and half a pound of rocks come with the tumbler to provide users with a great start. If youre in the market for new gear to support your rock-hunting hobby, check out our list of the best rock tumblers. . Contact them and they may replace it. It started about 2 weeks into the polishing process. What is going on? NatGeo is at least twice as fast which could be why it's noisier. There is a full-color learning guide included with the tumbler that thoroughly explains the process for all ages. Adjust vibrating tumbler to a less severe setting. Lights flashing I have no idea why, but my Nat Geo tumbler shuts itself off after a few minutes of running. This little tumbler has been running for days tumbling. Q: Have a question? Heres a few things you can do to ensure the best results from your rock tumbler. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Over time you will see an accumulation of debris gathering on the bearings and progressing along the metal bars. I set the days, turn it on, and then it will just stop suddenly with all seven of the lights flashing on and off. If youre gonna keep at tumbling, consider a better one down the road. . I got one for christmas last year and mine broke quickly. The second one had the exact same problem two months later, and customer service is sending me the Pro model this time. A new barrel is the sole solution to this issue. This kit has all the features and accessories you'll need to transform. I have to say that they have great customer service. However, sometimes a rock tumbling hobby can ignite other interests in science for kids. AJ Demers is a Texas-based freelance writer currently pursuing a B.A. The bottom of a well-used barrel rarely develops a hole. The barrel is quiet, and the tumblers motor is certain to last for years. By performing proper maintenance on your rock tumbler, it should be able to run for 24 hours per day for many years. I dusted it off and it seems to work for now. And as an Amazon Associate, we earn a commission on qualifying purchases after clicking on those links, at no additional cost to you. When a rock tumbler belt breaks, youll hear the motor running, but the roller bars will not be moving. There are normally four 2 for the drive shaft and 2 for the rotating balancing shaft which turns by virtue of its contact with the heavy barrel. Q: If tightened too much, the edge of the lid will pry up off the rim of the barrel just enough that it doesnt seat well and will lead to leaking. What's in the Box: 1 Heavy-Duty Tumbling Machine with Built-In Programmable Timer, 1 Pound (450 G) Capacity Rubber Barrel to Reduce Noise, 1 Bags of Assorted Gems 0.55 lb (250 g), 4 Bags of Polishing Grits 0.7 oz (20g .

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